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BC CASA partner Sandra Moran (ArteSana) faces threats from Military

By admin - Posted on 16 December 2011

Dear Friends,
As some of you may have already heard, our friend Sandra Moran in Guatemala needs our help.

At the end of November, a group claiming to represent the widows of military "victims" of human rights violations during the armed conflict in Guatemala launched a formal complaint against 32 current and former rights activists, including Sandra.  The complaint accuses Sandra and the other activists of being ""terrorists" responsible for the deaths in combat of military personnel. This action comes as former general Otto Perez Molina prepares to over the presidency January 13.

While the legal case against the rights activists may eventually be considered scurrilous and thrown out, it also serves as a signal to the clandestine armed groups linked to sectors of the  military that the people named in the case are "legitimate" targets.

We have been in touch with Sandra.  She and the others are currently receiving legal advice and taking precautions.  Sandra has made it very clear to us that she is committed to staying in the country – she stated that when she returned to Guatemala in the mid-90s, she was conscious of the challenges and risks she faced, and that her decision and choices have not changed.  She expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the support, solidarity and friendships of people she has met along her journey.

Sandra is asking for financial support to cover the safety nets that they are currently putting in place.  At this time, Sandra estimates that she will need at least $7,000.  CoDevelopment Canada has offered to collect and transfer donations to Sandra (and issue tax receipts for donations).  If you can contribute, please send a cheque made out to "CoDevelopment Canada" designated for Artesana in Guatemala.  Please pass this on to any individuals and organizations you think could provide financial support.

It is important to Sandra that as many people as possible are aware of the current political climate in Guatemala and the consequent threat to the struggle against impunity.

 If you’d like more information, please contact or Ruth -

Cheques are to be made out to:

CoDevelopment Canada
Designated for Artesana in Guatemala
Suite 260 2747 East Hastings St. 
Vancouver, V5K 1Z8.  

We are currently putting together an e-list of those we thought may want to be kept updated.