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Cafe Justicia National Coordinator Forced in to Exile

By admin - Posted on 11 April 2010

The CCDA's National coordinator, Leocadio Juracan and his family  fled Guatemala in late February following a series of death threats against them.

The Juracan family have come into temporary exile in Vancouver, British Columbia. Thanks to the solidarity of Cafe Justicia supporters in Canada the Juracan's have found a place to live, have had their transit and living expenses covered, and Leocadio's three chidren have been able to cover their tuition at an English language school for a few weeks..The exiling of the CCDA's national coordinator comes on the heels of a serious economic blow against the organization. On February 7, 2010, the CCDA's warehouse at its cooperative coffee processing mill in Cerro de Oro was broken into and much of this year's harvest stolen.Leocadio and his daughter Neydi have been hard at work giving presentations about Cafe Justicia and the CCDA at schools, universities, churches and community and union halls from Halifax to Yellowknife. But the family is anxious to return home and hope to go back to Guatemala as soon as it is safe to do so.The latest round of death threats against Leocadio began after he participated in a press conference to present a report documenting the 42 assassinations and 280 attacks against labour and campesino leaders in the past 2 years. The CCDA has noticed a pattern of attacks against the organization's members or infrastructure each time it participates in a national activity pushing for agrarian reform or human rights. Although the CCDA reports these attacks, authorities seldom attempt any investigation.Leocadio believes that nothing will be done to investigate the threats against him and his family unless strong  international and diplomatic pressure is applied on the Guatemalan government.The Canadian Cafe Justicia Network has launched a national letter-writing campaign to send letters about the Juracan family's case to Guatemala's Interior Minister and to the Canadian ambassador to Guatemala.If you wish to help the Juracan's return home safely, please download the letters here, <> sign them and send them to the Interior Ministry and the Canadian embassy.To listen to a podcast of Leocadio's presentation at the Rhizome Cafe shortly after arriving in Vancouver, go here -é-justicia-organizer-forced-flee-guatemala