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CCDA & CUC begin trek for agrarian reform and against mining

By admin - Posted on 20 March 2012

Today, some 1500 campesinos from the CCDA and the Committee of Campesino Unity (CUC) began an 8-day, 300 KM trek from Coban to Guatemala City. in order to pressure the new government of President Gen. Otto Perez Molina to:

1. Stop granting mining concessions (mostly to Vancouver mining companies) on campesinos and Mayan lands;
2. Halt the flooding of Mayan and campesino lands by hydro-electric dams;
3; Stop the increasingly violent evictions of campesinos from lands they calim and;
4; to develop a comprehensive plan for rural development in consultation with the campesino and Mayan organizations.

Today the marchers successfully completed the first 30 KM of their trek, arriving in the Kekchi town of Tactic.

Follow their progress at the Cafe Justicia facebook page at or on the CCA;s own page at!/profile.php?id=100003467164299&sk=wall

CCDA marchers call for agrarian regorm and an end to mining on Mayan lands