You are hereMayan opponent of Vancouver-based Goldcorp gunned down in her home

Mayan opponent of Vancouver-based Goldcorp gunned down in her home

By admin - Posted on 12 July 2010

Gunmen entered the home of mining critic of Diodora Antonia Hernández Cinto on July 7 and shot her in the eye. Hernández, of the village of Agel, works with a group of women active in defending community water resources from Vancouver-based mining company Goldcorp.

Goldcorp has been in an ongoing conflict with Mayan communities in Western Guatemala since it began to develop its Marlin gold mine in San Marcos province 5 years ago. In late June, the Guatemalan government ordered the suspension of the mine in compliance with a ruling from the Inter-American Human Rights Court. Since then a number of opponents of the mine have suffered intimidation and attacks. This week's shooting of Hernández is the most serious.

Goldcorp is supported with investments from the Canadian Pension Plan, Ethical Funds, and several union pension plans.
At press time Ms. Hernandez remains alive, but in critical condition in a Guatemalan hospital.

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