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Mining issues

Canadian mining companies in Latin America have expanded to such an extent in the past 10 years that Canada is now the largest presence in the region's resource extraction sector. Bloated by Canadian pension fund investments and backed by Canadian government subsidies,  many of these companies run roughshod over the environment and local communities in their race for profit.

Barrick gold in Chile, Manhattan Resources in Peru, Corriente in Ecuador, Blackfire in Mexico and Pacific Rim in El Salvador - choose any Latin American country and you will find at least one Canadian mining company in an often violent conflict with the local population. The last half of 2009 was particularly violent with at least six opponents of Canadian mines assassinated in El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.

Mining is not a central focus for Cafe Justicia BC, but we cannot ignore the destructive impact Canadian companies such as Goldcorp and Hudbay Minerals have the communities we support in Guatemala. For this reason CJ-BC has a Mining Committee that collaborates with other Canadian groups to support Guatemalan communities affected by Canadian mines.

Some good websites for information on Canadian mining companies in Latin America are: and

To find out how much of your pension is invested in Canadian Mining Companies in conflict with Latin American communities visit  Act for the Earth's Pensions for Peace website (you can also find out how much you've got invested in Haliburton and scions of the US military)