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Find out about projects related to and supported by Cafe Justicia.

  • Access to education is limited in rural Guatemala and many farmers’ children are unable to attend school. Using profits from their fair trade coffee sales and donations from supporters in Canada, the CCDA provides scholarships to enable the children of its poorer members to attend school. Since there are not enough funds for every child that needs a scholarship, the CCDA prioritizes girls, children who have lost a parent, and youth who will study skill, such as bookkeeping, teaching and agronomy that the CCDA villages need.

    Scholarship student
  • Canadian mining companies in Latin America have expanded to such an extent in the past 10 years that Canada is now the largest presence in the region's resource extraction sector. Bloated by Canadian pension fund investments and backed by Canadian government subsidies,  many of these companies run roughshod over the environment and local communities in their race for profit.

  • Brigades of Canadian high school and university students travel to Guatemala to work with in Campesino Committee of the Highlands communities, providing solidarity and material support.

    Student brigades