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BC CASA is a Vancouver-based volunteer group that works in solidarity with human rights and community organizations in Guatemala. In particular, we work with the Campesino Committee of the Highlands (CCDA), a Mayan rights and development movement that is active in some 800 communities around the country.

What does BC CASA do?

  • Imports and sells Cafe Justicia, a fair trade coffee grown by the CCDA communities.
  • Organizes student brigades to work on small projects in CCDA communities.
  • Lobbies the Canadian and Guatemalan governments on behalf of Guatemalan activists facing threats or attacks for their work.
  • Carries out actions in support of Mayan communities in Guatemala that are currently threatened by mining companies such as Vancouver's Goldcorp and Pan American Silver.
  • Sponsors Canadian speaking tours by our Guatemalan partners and other human rights activists.
  • Carries out public education activities about fair trade and human rights issues in Guatemala.
  • Uses profits generated from Cafe Justicia sales to support the activities and development projects the CCDA and Artesana, an organization that supports imprisoned women and their families. Raises funds for the CCDA’s scholarship program that enables Mayan children to remain in school and for youth to receive training in the skills their communities need.
  • Works with other Vancouver Latin America social justice and solidarity groups on issues and events affecting the whole region.

Get involved with BC CASA

BC CASA is always open to new volunteers who want to participate in coffee bagging and sales, organizing actions, letter writing, educational activities and coordination of delegations to Guatemala. You don’t have to live in Vancouver to become involved. There are groups and individuals linked to BC CASA selling Cafe Justicia and carrying out support work for the CCDA all over Canada. Contact us at or 236-999-2241 for more information.